Augmented Reality T-shirts

Augmented Reality T-shirts (video)

Combination of textile and technologies

Armenian ARLOOPA information technology company and Shabeeg clothing brand have united efforts to create Armenia’s first ever AR (Augmented Reality) animated educating T-shirts. Armenian King Artashes II depicted on the interactive T-shirts not only looks handsome and modern but also wakes up after centuries-long sleep to tell about the last powerful representative of the Artashesian (Artaxiad) Dynasty.

PanARMENIAN.Net - PanARMENIAN.Net talked to the founders of both companies to learn details about how the concept and implementation of the project.

The founder of Shabeeg clothing brand, Mary Sukiasyan, says that given the high quality of Armenian textile, they are now working on international design for the T-shirts.

“We have always thought about uniting Armenia’s two superpowers: textile and high technologies; and when ARLOOPA representatives accidentally saw our production, the idea was born. The interactive T-shirts were created with the design we already had. No specific collection was created. Currently, we have only one T-shirt model with Artashes II depicted. However, a T-shirt with a talking queen is pending,” she says, adding that a new collection with Armenian calligraphy will be also released soon.

“The new collection is based on Armenian calligraphy and we are going to make a couple of AR T-shirt samples as well,” Sukiasyan says.

According to her, Shabeeg tries to present the Armenian historical and cultural values by all means available, while graphic and modern solutions are used as visualization tools. A team of illustrators are working on the T-shirt design, creating about 50 models and choosing 3 new trends that will join the collection soon.

Our T-shirts are produced and illustrated exclusively in Armenia, Sukiasyan adds proudly.

The kings and queens from the Artaxiad, Bagratuni and Hetumyan dynasties, who appear on the T-shirts, are carrying a message of history for the public, especially targeting the younger generation and Diaspora, as well as the tourists visiting Armenia.

Presently, our production is mostly sold within Armenia, but we also have some customers abroad and a possibility to sell online, Sukiasyan says.

According to ARLOOPA founder and CEO Arman Atoyan, his company has always sought to apply VR and AR technologies in various projects involving watches, accessories, calendar, etc.

“The idea to make AR T-shirts is not new. We have created a trial model for one of New Yorker brand T-shirts. Then we came across Shabeeg production we liked a lot: its ornaments, Armenian style and the whole concept were consistent with our own vision. We shared our impressions and the idea was welcomed,” Atoyan says, assuring that other AR T-shirts will be released in cooperation with Shabeeg.

“We will work to enrich the Armenian textile with modern technologies and make it a very interesting project, thus presenting Armenia not only as a standard textile producer but as a country that offers original high technology solutions. We also plan to collaborate with other clothing brands to appear at the international market with unique and competitive products that will educate people about our rich culture and history” Atoyan adds.

Yulianna Lalabekova / PanARMENIAN.Net
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