Armenia’s smart cribs sing a lullaby and tell a story

Armenia’s smart cribs sing a lullaby and tell a story

Bringing comfort, design and more

A multifunctional smart crib called Cribby has been developed in Armenia, which can be controlled with a smartphone. In a conversation with PanARMENIAN.Net, Sergey Navasardyan, one of the people behind the innovative cradle, revealed that they had incubated the idea of creating such a crib for a pretty long time. The Cribby team, consisting of programmers and designers, started working on the project in the fall of 2017 and are now unveiling the prototype of the cot to the public.

PanARMENIAN.Net - The crib will sing a lullaby, tell a story and put the child to sleep

“Cribby is equipped with a camera, scales, an audiobook player which can also play lullabies of different nations. The cradle will thus sing a lullaby for parents or tell fairy tells to the child,” Navasardyan said.

According to him, the crib enables audio and video communication, while sound and motion sensors help parents follow the child from a distance, managing the cradle with a smartphone app.

“Parents will receive notifications in the event that the kid should wake up or start crying,” Navasardyan explained.

Not just design, but also comfort

“Made of environmentally friendly materials - mostly wood - the cradle has special drawers for basic child care supplies,” the co-author explained.

If the newborns were able to speak, they would say how much they love the crib

Besides the Armenian market, the creators of the project will try to sell the cot in foreign markets too. They also promise to do everything possible to make the cribs accessible to the Armenian parents.

“Cribby will undoubtedly find its place in the market. It is a pity that newborns can't speak, otherwise they would tell you how great Cribby is," Navasardyan joked.

Nane Manasyan / PanARMENIAN.Net
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