ARARAT Cherry: Flavors range expanded with bright new brandy

ARARAT Cherry: Flavors range expanded with bright new brandy

PanARMENIAN.Net - ARARAT Cherry is the new facet of ARARAT, which embodies the richness of Armenian brandy and perhaps the most widespread symbol of prosperity, generosity of nature and contemplation.

The taste of the new product is a harmonious mix of multilayered tastes of brandy and cherry, a revelation of flavors gently hidden behind their glittering colors.

With 30% ABV, ARARAT Cherry is emphasized with a soft, round taste and shades of candied cherry, which evolves into a long-lasting and gradually revealing aftertaste of chocolate.

With this new product, the brand moves forward and intertwines the classic brandy with cherry as not merely a juicy fruit but also as a culturological symbol known by different generations. The cherry blossom is a very special period in humans’ emotional calendar, which was famously praised by various writers and painters. It is a period of summertime, warm evenings, sincere and heartfelt conversations. Intertwining juicy cherry with the Armenian brandy, ARARAT offers its consumers a new form of what is already known. Two widely recognized tastes under a brand-new interpretation.

ARARAT Cherry is the third in the ARARAT Flavor range, which enriches early launched ARARAT Apricot and ARARAT Coffee.

Launched in 2019, the ARARAT Flavor range was aimed at strengthening the brand’s position in “Premium +” segment and involving new consumers. During the three years, the brand managed to record success in the new category of drinks by becoming “N1 imported flavored brandy” in consumption, according to IWSR. Hence, in the year of its launch ARARAT Apricot's sales - the first beverage of the range - exceeded the initial sales expectations by four times. Today, the ARARAT Flavors range records a steady growth and is represented in 25 countries worldwide.

ARARAT Flavors is a new interpretation of the Armenian brandy, which completely changes standard perceptions of classic brandy. It reveals new facets of its multilayered taste with new and contemporary ways of consumption. ARARAT Cherry, ARARAT Apricot and ARARAT Coffee can be served both - neat, either cold or with ice, and in a mix of fresh and light cocktails. For instance, ARARAT Apricot goes well with apple juice or tonic, coke is a great choice for ARARAT Coffee, and ARARAT Cherry is well served with pomegranate or cranberry juice.

Each beverage in ARARAT Flavors range is not only a combination of well-known flavors but a presentation of a totally complete taste, which become a benchmark even for the most demanded palates.

New beverages of ARARAT Flavors range are fundamental discoveries for the classic and conservative category of brandy. This also emphasized new horizons of responsible drinking and perfectly expanded the understanding of who these types of drinks are meant for. Today, Armenian brandy is not only considered an inseparable part of a generous table and most important celebrations but also an essential element for warm conversations and heartfelt meetings with friends and loved ones in cafes and bars.

By enhancing worldwide trends of flavored drinks, ARARAT Cherry will bring fresh colors into the warm tradition of sincere encounters both in Armenian and across the world.

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