"Revival of Our Soul" Book Ascribed to Zory Balayan Doesn't Exist

PanARMENIAN.Net - During recent two years Azeri websites often mention of a book titled "Revival of Our Soul" and ascribed to Armenian writer Zory Balayan. The book "is related to the events in Khojalu." PanARMENIAN.Net publishes the letter written by Zory Balayan, who is presently aboard of Cilicia vessel.

"Friends and unknown people call me and ask whether I have written a book titled "Revival of Our Soul" published by Vanadzor publishing house. The fact is that some two years long dirty information is spread via Internet. Quotations from a book allegedly written by me appear in the network. I do not want to come down to the level of those who do not realize that such insinuations first of all discredit their own nation.

I urge all those who should carry out investigations in case of violation of human rights or show the readers the above-mentioned book. If such exists that's another matter.

I am absolutely sure that human rights notion is not an empty sound but the reality that must be protected."
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