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Armenia’s population expected to dwindle to roughly 2 mln in 2100: UN

Armenia’s population expected to dwindle to roughly 2 mln in 2100: UN

PanARMENIAN.Net - Armenia’s population will dwindle to a little more than 2 million in 2100 from today’s almost three million, says a UN population report released on Monday, June 17.

“The World Population Prospects 2019: Highlights” estimates that the next 30 years will see the global population add an extra 2 billion people to today’s figure of 7.7 billion, and, by the end of the century, the planet will have to sustain around 11 billion.

In Armenia, however, the number of permanent residents will first grow to 2.967 million by 2030, than drop to 2.816 million in 2050 and 2.039 million in 2100.

Life expectancy at birth is currently 75 for both sexes in the country, with those under the age of 25 accounting for 33% of the total population.

The populations of Georgia (3.997 million now) and Azerbaijan (10.048 million now) are, too, expected to diminish by 2100 to 2.514 million and 9.192 million, respectively.

The report says India will show the highest population increase between now and 2050, overtaking China as the world’s most populous country, by around 2027. India, along with eight other countries, will make up over half of the estimated population growth between now and 2050.

“The World Population Prospects 2019: Highlights”, is published by the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) and provides a comprehensive overview of global demographic patterns and prospects. The report is based on population estimates from 1950 to the present for 235 countries or areas, underpinned by analyses of historical demographic trends. The 2019 revision also includes population projections to the year 2100, that reflect a range of plausible outcomes at the global, regional and country levels.

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