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Ankara urges Greece to cancel Pontian Greek Genocide Remembrance Day

PanARMENIAN.Net - While the chief of Greek and Turkish general staffs exchanged civilities on disputable historical issues, official Ankara urged Greece to cancel Pontian Greek Genocide Remembrance Day.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry "accused" Greece of holding events dedicated to the memory of the genocide victims. "This fact hampers the dialog and cooperation between the two countries," the MFA statement said.

Ankara accuses the Greek government of "supporting groundless allegations" and "distorting historical reality."

On its official website, the Turkish Foreign Ministry posted information about the massacre perpetrated by Pontians and Armenians. Greece is accused of discrimination of Ataturk and of links with the Kurdistan Workers' Party.

The Greek opposition is indignant at restrained reaction of Dora Bakoyiannis. Meanwhile, the Greek MFA is pleased with the outcomes of their military official's visit to the neighbor country and accuses the opposition of instigating nationalism, greek.ru reports.
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