Armenian experts expose another pseudo-Armenian website

At least 3 websites passing off as Armenian sources have been revealed over the past years.

Armenianreport website, allegedly analytical and disclosing, appeared on the net in fall 2010. The website contained “unmasking materials” on behalf of certain reporters with Armenian names.

PanARMENIAN.Net - However, an investigation carried out by experts from the group dealing with falsifications and misinformation spread by Azerbaijan, showed that the journalists whose names were mentioned on the website never existed. Although the site was presented as a “center of economic and political studies in Eurasia (Vienna, Austria) © 2010, no connection of such an institution with Armenian Diaspora organization and Armenia was revealed. People from the above mentioned center as if emerged from nowhere. Diaspora activists who maintain close contacts with Armenia have never heard about Hrachya Alexanyan, Aram Baghdasarov, Mher Harutyunyan and other “journalists”. At the same time the style of writing in these people's articles just mirrors the Azerbaijani media reports, not to mention the fact that the “Armenian journalists” always use Azerbaijani reports as source of information. Moreover, visit from Armenia and other countries were fixed to be less than 1%, while the other 99% were registered from Azerbaijan. It's also noteworthy that the “analytical materials” on this website quoted anonymous sources or non-existing documents of international organizations.

Besides, the technical analysis showed that the name of the owner was concealed. The website changed its server 10 times and IP-address 11 times. Domain was registered with three different registers. More detailed analysis revealed that cookies of the coincide with the cookies of Azerbaijani news portal, what means that both websites were created by one and the same programmer. Furthermore, the cookies of and are identical with those of the official website of the President of Azerbaijan.

So, two hours were enough to bare the truth behind the It should be also noted that at least 3 websites passing off as Armenian sources have been revealed over the past years. “They use a pseudo-Armenian platform to spread their anti-Armenian propaganda,” group expert Lusine Sargsyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter. She also said that and were also closed after disclosure.

The only way to combat such phenomena is to raise users' awareness, experts believe.

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