Employers and job seekers: how to find each other

Arpine Grigoryan։ each job seeker should understand why to apply for this “x” job in this “x” company but not for “y” job in “y” company.

The number of Armenian websites which post job announcements is growing each year. But are they flexible and useful for both employer and employee? PanARMENIAN.Net reporter tried to find the answer to this question.

PanARMENIAN.Net - Hr.am website was founded in 2007 to focus on local human resources. Visiting the website, people can find announcements about new vacancies and trainings, discuss some questions with specialists and professionals.

Tatev Abrahamyan, the marketing responsible of hr.am, said that companies can add announcements about new vacancies free of charge. “Before adding an announcement, each company should register and wait for the administration’s confirmation. We get no profit from this process, we just check out whether the company really exists,” she said.

Hr.am is available for each one who is looking for a job. According to Tatev Abrahamyan, a job seeker gets an advantage by registering on the website. “A registered job seeker can create his own virtual resume and sees all announcements classified by fields. Also, he/she can subscribe and get all preferred announcements to email,” she said, adding that announcements in IT section of hr.am are largest in number and grow day by day, which means that IT specialists are most needed in Armenia.

Founded in 2002, CareerCenter.am has the same design and the same functions. The president of Career Center, Armen Yeremyan, said that parallel to CareerCenter.am, websites careerhouse.am/com are also available in English and Armenian languages, which are more flexible than careercenter.am.

“People are sometimes reluctant to changes, so we decided not to alter anything. Instead, we created a new website, which is more flexible and innovative: with online virtual CVs, search and purchase possibilities,” he said. “If the company is interested in CV, it should pay a certain amount of money to get access to the contacts. “The service costs 95$, but not many companies use it”.

There are no classified sector in careercenter.am. According to Yeremyan, it makes no sense as announcements aren’t too many.

Jobfinder.am founder Arman Margaryan said that their website is the only one that cares about job seekers’ interests.

“We satisfy the need of both employers and future employees. We have special search engine which works as Google. It scans all serious websites which have vacancy pages and shows them,” he said.

Margaryan added that they encourage registered job seekers. “ In this case, a job seeker will have more chances to be chosen as companies-employers can search through the CV archive and select the one they favor. Employers prefer firstly to search through the existing CVs and then post announcements”.

According to jobfinder.am analysis, IT specialists are mostly demanded. “Around 35% of the announcements refer to IT sphere, 21% to banking, 13% to trade, 9% to advertising and PR/Marketing and 12% to other fields,” he said.

According to HR and PR specialist Arpine Grigoryan, there are some rules that can help satisfy both employer’s and job seeker’s needs.

“It is important to have search possibilities on job announcements websites. As an employer, you search through CVs and as a job seeker you search through companies. Company should have a possibility to shortlist CVs. Besides, it’s better to mention the salary supposed for the position and post some photos of the office. For a job seeker, it would be useful to look through CV samples Before posting a CV and mention the remuneration he/she anticipate,” she said.

Grigoryan also noted that each job seeker should understand why to apply for this “x” job in this “x” company but not for “y” job in “y” company.

Lusine Paravyan / PanARMENIAN News
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