Gagik Yeganyan: there is no “threatening” emigration from Armenia

Gagik Yeganyan: there is no “threatening” emigration from Armenia

PanARMENIAN.Net - Head of migration agency at the Armenian Ministry of Territorial Administration, Gagik Yeganyan, believes that there is no threatening emigration from Armenia.

“Without mentioning any sources, some media outlets keep reporting that emigration is growing every year and becomes threatening,” he told journalists on May 23.

Yegonyan informed that in 2008, 2009 and 2010 negative migration balance totaled 23059, 24978 and 28960 respectively. “One may not speak about new wave of emigration, taking into consideration that in 1992-1994 yearly net migration balance totaled 120-220 thousand migrants, and in 1995-2001 it amounted to about 60 thousand migrants,” he mentioned.

The head of migration service called on media to cooperate with the agency and to publish real figures instead of unverified information. Mentioning the complications of emigrants calculation, he said that one can never find out the exact number of emigrants from the negative migration balance.

4  23.05.11 - Press conference of Gagik Yeganyan
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