I did not want to move to the club of upper class and become a utility man.

Henrik Mkhitaryan:

I did not want to move to the club of upper class and become a utility man.

PanARMENIAN.Net - The pupil of the Yerevan Pyunik club Henrik Mkhitaryan was recognized the best player of Armenia in 2009. Besides, according to the polls of Metallurg’s fans, Mkhitaryan repeatedly was recognized the best player of the club. In an interview to PanARMENIAN.Net Henrik Mkhitaryan told about the plans of the club, the chances of the Armenian national team in the group stage of Euro 2012, as well as spoke about difference between the Armenian and Ukrainian football.

According to experts, the Armenian team in the qualifying stage of Euro 2012 is not in a very difficult group. Being the main player of the team, how do you assess the chances of our team to overcome the group stage?
I do not think that our group is an easy one. It has many strong teams. Despite this, we will fight till the end.

Armenian team has a new head coach, Vardan Minasyan. In your opinion, is it important that the team is headed by the Armenian coach?
He is not a new coach for us, since Mr. Minasyan has already coached the national team as an interim coach and he is familiar with all the players. If the AFF management appointed him, then they believe in his capabilities.

Your club Donetsk Metallurg is the 7th at the championship of Ukraine. What task does the club have in this season?
We always strive for higher places. Our main goal is to win a ticket to Euroleague. The fact that the club now occupies the 7th place, does not mean anything, because we have 9 more games in this championship and everything can happen.

In the Ukrainian Cup the team reached the finals. In May, the team will play with the "Tavria". How would you rate your chances?
I think our opportunities are equal. We will try to play well and win the Cup.

You’ve been repeatedly named the best player by Metalurg fans. Does it help improve your performance?
Sure, I’m grateful to every one who votes for me and supports me.

Several European clubs were interested in signing you in. You were cast in Lyons, yet picked the Ukrainian club.
I was unwilling to join high ranking club and face the perspective of acting a reserve player. So I figured I’d start at intermediate level.

How are you settled in a new place?
It was hard in the beginning, but then I got used to it and feel quite comfortable now. The atmosphere is good and I’m friendly with everyone in our club.

What’s the difference between Armenian and Ukrainian football?
Ukrainian football is more physical, rather than technical or tactical. Many Armenian teams do not even have winter practice sessions, so physically Armenian teams yield Ukrainian ones.

Genes, surely, matter, but what made you pick football as your profession and how important is football to you?
Football is my primary priority. I intend to pursue this profession for the rest of my life.

Hasmik Babayan, Gohar Nalbandyan / PanARMENIAN News