Levon’s wife is his true fan; Arthur’s spouse watches all his matches and sometimes gives him good advice about how to play

Levon Pachajyan and Arthur Yedigaryan:

Levon’s wife is his true fan; Arthur’s spouse watches all his matches and sometimes gives him good advice about how to play

PanARMENIAN.Net - PanARMENIAN.Net is familiarizing its readers with the members of the Armenian national football team. Midfielders Levon Pachajyan and Arthur Yedigaryan, who also play for Iranian FCs Sanat Naft and PAS Hamadan, tell about their achievements and future plans, their families and life in Iran.
Last year, Armenia set a record climbing 20 places in FIFA Rankings. How do you assess 2010 in general?
Arthur: Last year was successful for the team. All are doing their best for better progress.

Levon: True, the year was successful but we should train for our future matches, which will be much harder.

What are the differences between the Armenian and other teams and what should our footballers do for better results?
Arthur: All football players should work hard and listen to the coaches to gain results. Our team’s goal is to reach the final stage of the European championship.

Levon: Our players are young and talented. I think we differ by our attitude. But there are also shortcomings that should be removed.

In 2011, Armenia will play 6 matches. Which will be the hardest one, in your opinion?
Arthur:All matches will be hard. Even Andorra can cause troubles. Strong rivals like Russia, Slovakia and Ireland, are familiarized with our style and are seriously training for the upcoming matches.

Levon: There will be no easy matches, as there are no weak rivals in football. We must strive for victory. The matches against Russia will make the order of teams in the Group standings.

Both of you are from football playing families. Did it help you?
Arthur:My grandfather Felix Veranyan played for Spartak Yerevan. My father played for Kotayk Abovyan. My uncle was a part of Ararat Yerevan. Today, I and my younger brother Artak follow in their footsteps. And I would like my children to play football

Levon: Football is in my blood. My grandfather and uncle were footballers and played for different professional clubs. My father also played football for some time. Another factor that helped my decision is that our house is not far from Banants football school.

You have lived in Iran for a long time. The laws and traditions in this country differ greatly from ours. How are you getting on?
Arthur: It was very hard at first, but it’s life and I get accustomed to difficulties.

Levon: I used to play for Sweden and Norway and it was very hard to adapt in Iran. But it is not an entertainment but my work.

What’s you favorite Iranian dish?
Arthur: The choice is not great. They eat rice dishes most of all

Levon: I like chicken with a sauce but I don’t know how it’s called, to tell the truth.

You are both married. How did you meet your wives?
Arthur: We studied together at school. Then we understood that can’t live without each other and got married.

Levon: A girlfriend of a friend of mine made us meet. Soon we fell in love and got married.

They say that a happy family is when the husband loves the wife and the wife loves football. What do your spouses think about football?
Arthur: Of course, my wife watches all matches and sometimes gives advice.

Levon: My wife used to watch my matches in the stadium. But women in Iran are prohibited from going to the stadium, so she watches them on TV at home.

What are you expectations from 2011?
Arthur: For me, the best achievement will be our team’s breaking through to the final stage of the European Championship.

Levon: I am a realist and I want our team to play good football. I wish our clubs success.

Gohar Nalbandyan, Hasmik Babyan / PanARMENIAN News