Karlen thinks Vardan Minasyan is the most talented coach; Gevorg wants to play a match with Zidane

Karlen Mkrtchyan and Gevorg Ghazaryan:

Karlen thinks Vardan Minasyan is the most talented coach; Gevorg wants to play a match with Zidane

PanARMENIAN.Net - PanARMENIAN.Net continues interviewing the Armenian national team members. This time, Armenia's best player of 2010, halfback Karlen Gevorgyan and best striker Gevorg Ghazaryan tell about the most exciting matches they played, books they prefer to read during their free time and first medals they won.
Both of you played in the junior team, now you are members of the national. How do these teams differ?
Karlen: Playing in a national team is a great responsibility. You do your best to justify hopes and show good football. I always do the utmost.

Gevorg: The junior team help develop and gain experience. Words are not enough to explain the feeling that filled me when I put on the uniform of the national team.

Which match was the most special for you?
Karlen: The match of our junior team against Turkey, when we won 2:1 and I scored a goal.

Gevorg: The match against Portugal in 2007. This was my first match in the national team, which ended 1:1.

You both scored plenty of goals but there are ones than become unforgettable…
Karlen: The most important goal in my life was the one I scored in the match against Turkey; and the one in the match against Banants in 2010, when Pyunik became champions.

Gevorg: It was the goal I scored in the match against Slovakia. We won 3:1 that day.

Who would you like to play with?
Karlen: I never thought about it. Each time I enter the ground I just want to play well and be useful for my team.

Gevorg:: I would like to play with Zidane.

Did you ever want to give up football?
Karlen: Of course, there are moments when you get tired. But I try to be strong and overcome all barriers.

Gevorg: Never. I can't imagine my life without football.

Are your teammates just partners in game or friends as well?
Karlen: We are not just teammates. I have friends both in Pyunik and national team.

Gevorg: I know almost all of the guys in the team from my childhood. I think friendship helps play better.

When did you win your first medal?
Karlen: I have been playing football for many years and to be honest, I don't remember when I won the first medal.

Gevorg: I was 14 then. We played at Hamlet Mkhitaryan memorial and won. This is a special medal among the others.

Who is the best coach, in your opinion?
Karlen: Vardan Minasyan. He has great experience although he is so young. Under his guidance, our national team started playing really good football.

Gevorg: Pep Guardiola, the coach of Barcelona.

Which books do you take with you when you are going somewhere for a holiday?
Karlen: The Count of Monte Cristo. I have already read it for several times and I like it.

Gevorg: I prefer books about nature.

What would you like to tell the fans of Armenian national team?
Karlen: It's great that the fans believe in us and it's so pleasant to see stadiums willed with people. We are ready to fight and win.

Gevorg: I would like to thank all our fans for support. I can't promise anything but can say for sure that we will do our best not to disappoint them.

Hasmik Babayan, Gohar Nalbandyan / PanARMENIAN News