Viasphere, 1st Armenian technopark: goals & achievements

With Synopsys Armenia as the largest tenant, the technopark also works with Cubic GTS, SCDM, Apricot Mobile, LIGHT Craft, among others.

October 30, 2013
Viasphere, 1st Armenian technopark: goals & achievements
The 1st Armenian technopark, Viasphere, based on Transistor factory was launched by Viasphere International U.S. company in Yerevan on July 26, 2001. Back then, Viasphere International CEO Toni Moroyan stated that the technology park will provide necessary infrastructure to facilitate the launch of a business for local startups, including provision of offices, computer networks, company management and product promotion at worldwide markets.

Employers and job seekers: how to find each other

Arpine Grigoryan։ each job seeker should understand why to apply for this “x” job in this “x” company but not for “y” job in “y” company.

April 26, 2011
The number of Armenian websites which post job announcements is growing each year. But are they flexible and useful for both employer and employee? PanARMENIAN.Net reporter tried to find the answer to this question.

Armenian users active on Twitter and Facebook, lose interest in blogs

Review of February 22-28 information technology and telecommunication events.

March 1, 2011
Supporters of the Armenian National Congress opposition bloc are using social networks to spread information about the future plans. Particularly, opposition activists have already launched Armenian Revolution of reform: March 1, 2011 page on Facebook to inform of the actions planned for March 1. They also created #1mar hashtag in microblog Twitter, where they inform of the mass rally dated to the 3rd anniversary of the March 1, 2008 events, when 10 people were killed and thousands injured. Armenian opposition follows the example of Tunisia and Egypt as well as other Arab states, where organizers of disorders employed social media to implement their plans.

Armenian experts expose another pseudo-Armenian website

At least 3 websites passing off as Armenian sources have been revealed over the past years.

February 24, 2011
Armenianreport website, allegedly analytical and disclosing, appeared on the net in fall 2010. The website contained “unmasking materials” on behalf of certain reporters with Armenian names.

Smartphones gaining popularity among Armenians

Most people choose smartphones based on functionality: for big memory, high-quality photoshooting and WiFi access but they are not particularly interested in software capabilities.

February 24, 2011
Smartphones flowed into the Armenian market 2 years ago and immediately became popular among the population. Only in 2010, Orange Armenia and VivaCell-MTS sold about 550 and 1000 smartphones respectively.

IT field registers growth, government financing remains unchanged

Review of January 31 – February 6 telecommunication and information technology events.

February 6, 2011
Armenian IT field registered 15% growth in 2010. The turnover in the field totaled $150mln against $129.9mln last year. The field employs 5 thousand specialists, with 197 companies operating. At that, government financing of the IT field totaled AMD 80mln (as in 2010), what is 60% less than in 2009, when AMD 200mln was assigned.

Number of dial-up subscribers reduces; operators expand 3G network

Review of January 24-30 information technology and telecommunication events.

January 30, 2011
Armenian government will announce a tender for construction and distribution of broadband Internet network with capacity of 100Mbyte/s within a couple of months. A company will be chosen and we will try to solve all matters related to provision of services in this direction.

Eric Schmidt leaving Google’s management to Larry Page, Facebook’s 600 million users and more news from IT and social media events worldwide

Review of January 15-23 IT and social media events worldwide

January 24, 2011
The week has been full of largely discussed events in technology and social media industries. Several major companies of the sphere including Apple, Google and Facebook have made breaking announcements.

Armenia internet traffic biggest among CIS countries

Review of January 17-23 information technology and telecommunication events.

January 23, 2011
Armenia's internet traffic is the biggest among the CIS countries, where VimpelCom offers its services. ArmenTel subscribers use 300 TBytes monthly, passing ahead of Kazakhstan. The network capacity of external channels has increased 137 times since Beeline entered the Armenian market. Two circles of fiber optic backbone were build throughout the country in 2010.

Over 40 mln calls made in Armenia on New Year’s eve

Review of January 10-16 information technology and telecommunication events.

January 16, 2011
Communication sector proceeds grossed 152,4 bln in January–November 2010 in Armenia, exceeding 2009’s index by 0,3%. According to the National Statistical Service of Armenia, proceeds from IT and communication (ITC) services totaled AMD 174 billion, growing by 1,1% compared with 2009 results. ITC share comprises 24,6% of the total volume of services rendered in Armenia.