A good sportsman can't be a bad man

Vic Darchinyan:

A good sportsman can't be a bad man

PanARMENIAN.Net - Prominent Armenian boxer, IBO champ Vic (Vakhtang) Darchinyan will fight Paulus Abmunda of Namibia in Yerevan on September 3. Darchinyan has already arrived. In an interview with PanARMENIAN.Net he told about how he decided to take up boxing as a career, who he would like to fight in the ring and many other things. The first part of the interview is below.
How did you decide to become a boxer? Which were the first steps your career?
I was born in Vanadzor. There was Vazgen Badalyan's boxing club in our district and I dreamed to grow up and become a boxer. When I was 6 my father took me to the club but Badalyan did not accept me, saying that I'm very young. Seven months later I came there and said that I have grown up already, and I was accepted.

Being a boxer is not easy. What is the most difficult thing in a boxing career?
You are right. Coming into the ring, the boxer knows that he must fight. The winner will be the one who kicks best. This demands courage and strength. A boxer must follow all rules. He must go to bed early and train hard. Only in this case he can reach success.

Do you remember your first bout? What has changed in Vic Darchinyan since then?
My first bout was against Sande Kizito, then-champion of Africa, and was one of the hardest. But his bout made me famous. It was then when I was nicknamed the Raging Bull. Many years have passed and my style changed, of course. At the beginning I practiced an amateur style, now I take tactical steps. I have changed a lot.

Many boxers have a habit of making ungracious statements about the rival prior to the bout. Who of your opponents was most extravagant?
Jorge Arce, he is fond of talking much before the fight. He usually rides in on a horse and with a candy in his mouth. After I beat him, he won champion's title in 4 weight categories. He wanted a rematch and said I can't beat him.

You are the owner of 8 belts. How did you reach this success?
It's not easy to become a champion. You must work hard. It's like a habit for me to win titles and I want more and more. I want to set a record by winning 10 belts.

You have many times knocked out you rivals. Which knockout is the most memorable for you?
I have won many bouts with KOs. Once I broke the jaw of Diosdado Gabi from Philippines. My first fight for the champion's title against Irene Pacheco in 2004 was also unforgettable.

Who is the most dangerous opponent for you now?
No one. Actually, each rival can be dangerous. A little mistake may end with a knockout for you…

Whom did you want to fight but bout was never organized?
I always wanted to fight Manny Pacquiao. After the bout with Joseph Agbeko I was supposed to go 2 categories up and he had to go 2 down. But, by the judges' decision, Agbeko won that fight and I remained in the same weight category, I really regret that this fight did not take place.

What is the most important boxing gave you?
A good sportsman can't be a bad man and must not be arrogant. This is the most valuable quality. If you are a good sportsman you must constantly prove this.

You keep in touch with your first coach Vazgen Badalyan. How can you describe his contribution to your success?
We always speak on phone and he gives me good advice. He was not present during my last fight but I felt his support. Sometime you think that you can decide everything for yourself but it's not so. A sportsman should listen to the coach and admit his own mistakes. Badalyan always helps me a lot.

How do you psychologically prepare for a bout?
There is no need for it. I know that I am the best and strongest. This gives me confidence and I am looking forward to go into the ring and beat my rival.

Gohar Nalbandyan, Hasmik Babayan / PanARMENIAN News
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